A Spanish Scientific and Technical Infrastructure

40m Operations Group

The 40m Science group is a joint team of AoDs and operators, who provide technical support and expertise.

Astronomers-on-Duty (AoDs)

  • Ana Chacón Tanarro (GMVA,
  • Jairo Díaz (Single-dish,
  • Gisela Esplugues (Single-dish,
  • Cristina García Miró (VLBI,
  • Miguel Gómez Garrido (Single-dish,
  • María J. Jiménez-Donaire (Single-dish,
  • Nuria Marcelino (Single-dish,
  • Víctor Pérez (VLBI,
  • Miguel Santander García (Single-dish,, program committee secretary)
  • Paula Tarrío (Single-dish,
  • Belén Tercero (Single-dish,, scheduler)
  • Alba Vidal García (Single-dish,

Technical Support

  • Francisco Beltrán Martínez - Software engineer
  • Rubén Fernández Granada - Operator
  • Javier González - Support engineer for VLBI
  • Sebastián Pérez de la Flor - Operator
  • Miguel Sanz López - Operator
  • Daniel Sastre Walter - Operator
  • Daniel Valero Clemente - Operator
  • Ángel Vicente Lozano - Operator

Please also visit the IGN-Yebes Observatory website, where a full list of the Observatory staff can be found.