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Papers using data from the 40m Radiotelescope

Year: When observations span several years, "Obs. Year" corresponds to the last one

Refereed Papers

Proposal ID Obs. Year Pub. Year Journal Type 1st Author Title
20B009 2020 2022 MNRAS SINGLE-DISH Cosentino Negative and Positive Feedback from a Supernova Remnant with SHREC: A detailed Study of the Shocked Gas in IC443
19A003 20A014 20D023 21A01 2019-2021 2022 SINGLE-DISH M. Agúndez A new protonated molecule discovered in TMC-1: HCCNCH+
19A003 20A014 20D023 21A01 2019-2021 2022 SINGLE-DISH Cabezas Discovery of a new molecular ion, HC7NH+, in TMC-1
RUA038 RUA039 RUA040 RUA041 RUA042 RUA043 2020-2021 2022 VLBI Oleg Titov Unprecedented change in the position of four radio sources
EP103 RP026 2016-2017 2022 EVN A. Plavin FRB 121102: Drastic changes in the burst polarization contrasts with the stability of the persistent emission
EY014 EY017A EY017B 2010, 2012 2022 EVN Jun Yang Structural and spectral properties of Galactic plane variable radio sources
EM140A RSM04 EM140B 2019-2020 2022 EVN Prashanth Mohan High-resolution VLBI Observations of and Modeling the Radio Emission from the Tidal Disruption Event AT2019dsg
2015-2017 2022 GMVA R. Lico New jet feature in the parsec-scale jet of the blazar OJ 287 connected to the 2017 teraelectronvolt flaring activity
Nanocosmos 2019-2021 2022 SINGLE-DISH J. R. Pardo Ultra-deep 31.0–50.3 GHz spectral survey of IRC+10216
2008-2015 2022 GMVA Junghwan Oh A persistent double nuclear structure in 3C 84
GA030E 2014 2022 Radioastron VLBI José L. Gómez Probing the Innermost Regions of AGN Jets and Their Magnetic Fields with RadioAstron. V. Space and Ground Millimeter-VLBI Imaging of OJ 287
Nanocosmos 2019-2020 2022 SINGLE-DISH J. Cernicharo Discovery of C5H+ and detection of C3H+ in TMC-1 with the QUIJOTE line survey
QUIJOTE 2022 SINGLE-DISH Cabezas Discovery of the elusive thioketenylium, HCCS+, in TMC-1
QUIJOTE 2019-2020 2022 SINGLE-DISH Cabezas New deuterated species in TMC-1: Detection of CH2DC4H with the QUIJOTE line survey
RSC07 2020 2022 EVN Hong-Min Cao A long-lived compact jet in the black hole X-ray binary candidate AT2019wey
19A003 20A014 20D023 21A011 2019-2021 2022 SINGLE-DISH Agúndez Detection of the propargyl radical at λ 3 mm
19A003 20A014 20D15 2019-2020 2022 SINGLE-DISH Cabezas Laboratory observation and astronomical search of 1-cyano propargyl radical, HCCCHCN
Nanocosmos 2018 2022 SINGLE-DISH S. Spezzano Gas phase Elemental abundances in Molecular cloudS (GEMS) V. Methanol in Taurus

Unrefereed Papers

Proposal ID Obs. Year Pub. Year Publication Type 1st Author Title