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40m RT observations

How to observe

The 40m RT currently performs service observations for external observers, in single dish and VLBI mode, requested in the call for proposals. This means that once your proposal is approved, an Astronomer on Duty (AoD) will be assigned to fully take care of the observations. The AoD will be your link with the telescope and will design the observation, prepare the commands for the telescope, calibrate the data, filter and discard bad data, preprocess them, and repeat some observations, if necessary. In the case of VLBI observations, this usually means checking the compatibility of non-standard configurations, planning and carrying out focus and pointing checks for the higher frequencies during the observations, and, in some cases, even performing the correlation.

The expertise in radioastronomical and VLBI observations of the AoDs of the Yebes Observatory is outstanding. Moreover, all of them are recognized specialists in the study of the interstellar medium covering different areas of research which include astrochemistry, molecular clouds, star formation, evolved stars, and external galaxies.

Tracking your observations

To track your observations please log in to RAYO, click on your proposal and then on the `Schedules', `Results', or `Support' tabs. Relevant information will be displayed there.

Publications and Acknowledgements

The service observations offered at Yebes Observatory ensures that project goals are achieved in terms of the required rms and data quality. Given that this job requires time and a careful dedication, although it is not mandatory, the Yebes Director, Pablo de Vicente, encourages PIs to include the AoD that worked on the data in the list of authors of the publication that presents the dataset of the Yebes 40m telescope. This contribution could be delimited by adding a statement of author’s contribution in the paper: [AoD's name] has carried out the observations and the first inspection of the data quality

Publications based on Yebes RT40m observations should be acknowledged: Based on observations carried out with the Yebes 40 m telescope (<INSERT YOUR PROJECT CODE HERE>). The 40 m radio telescope at Yebes Observatory is operated by the Spanish Geographic Institute (IGN; Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana).

Publications based on EVN observations carried during 2021-2024 should also include: Yebes Observatory thanks the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for funding support to ORP project under grant agreement No 101004719.