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Single-dish observed proposals for the 40m telescope in2023

Proposal ID Period (*) Time (h) Title PI
23A003 23A 70.0 CHEMOUT: CHEMical complexity in star-forming regions of the OUTer Galaxy Alvaro Sanchez-Monge
23A004 23A 2.2 Dynamical state and deuterium fractionation of the infrared dark cloud G1.75-0.08 near the Galactic Centre Oskari Miettinen
23A005 23A 192.0 Monitoring of SiO masers in evolved stars (Continuation) Miguel Gómez Garrido
23A008 23A 18.0 Test observations of six northern AGN jets with KVN+Yebes Daewon Kim
23A009 23A 30.0 On the origin of the extended velocity features in the Milky Way Yan Gong
23A011 23A 40.0 3mm spectroscopic mapping observation toward S255 to S257 region Shu Liu
23A013 23A 58.9 Searching for DCN 1-0 and DCO+ 1-0 in late-stage massive star-forming regions Yuqiang li
23A014 23A 35.7 W-band Line Survey toward the Intermediate-Mass Protostar L1206 Kotomi Taniguchi
23A016 23A 62.5 Hunting for the heaviest C-bearing molecules in high-mass star forming regions Laure Bouscasse
23A017 23A 72.1 A high-sensitivity Q Band line survey toward massive protostars Prasanta Gorai
23A018 23A 9.0 Core shifts and magnetic fields in jets on scales of ~ 1000 R_G Felix Poetzl
23A019 23A 72.0 Improving the K-band Celestial Reference Frame: Cycle 3 Aletha de Witt
23A021 23A 22.0 A 3mm line survey towards supernova remnant 3C391 Tianyu Tu
23A022 23A 25.4 Extragalactic CS(1-0) dense gas emission with Yebes-40m Maria Jesus Jimenez Donaire
23A023 23A 4.0 Molecular Line Survey of the 150 pc CO shell in the Galactic Center Veena Vadamattom Shaji
23A024 23A 300.0 QUIJOTE: Discovering the limits of chemical complexity Jose Cernicharo
23A025 23A 72.0 Completing the Census of Starless Cores with COM Detections in the Perseus Molecular Cloud Samantha Scibelli
23A026 23A 250.0 IRC+10216 ultra-deep integration at 7mm to search for new heavy molecular species (continuation) Juan Ramón Pardo Carrión
23D001 23D 0.1 High-frequency radio spectra of an X-ray bright z=5.5 quasar SRGE J170245.2+130107 Timur Mufakharov
23D003 23D 36.0 Is the H2CN/H2NC isomeric ratio a good tracer of the kinetic temperature? A test case. David San Andrés de Pedro
23D004 23D 4.0 H2O 22 GHz maser emission in VV 114SW-d Eduardo González-Alfonso
23D006 23D 0.1 High-frequency radio spectrum of an X-ray bright z=5.5 quasar SRGE J170245.2+130107 Tao An
23D007 23D 144.0 Monitoring water geysers of dying stars J-F Desmurs
23D011 23D 45.3 Probing the chemistry of starburst galaxies, near and far Maria Jesus Jimenez Donaire

Number of proposals this year: 24
Total of hours observed this year: 1565.3

(*) Period:
A: First semestre (1st Feb 2023 - 31st Jul 2023).
B: Second semestre (1st Aug 2023 - 31st Jan 2024).
D: Director's Discretionary Time (1st Feb 2023 - 31st Jan 2024).