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GMVA observed proposals for the 40m telescope in 2017

Year stands for the year when the proposal was submitted. Session stands for the observing session. Proposals are usually observed 9 months after submission and they may be splitted and observed in several sessions.

Proposal ID Proposal Code Year Session PI Title
16B-101 MN001 2017 2017A Nagai GMVA+ALMA observation of the Innermost Jet in 3C84
16B-113 MM007B 2017 2017A Marscher Imaging of the Gamma-Ray Emitting Regions of Blazar Jets
16B-148 MG002 2017 2017A Gomez Understanding jet formation and testing the binary SMBH model of OJ287
16B-163 MH001C 2017 2017B Hodgson Continued high-resolution monitoring of 3C84
16B-169 MB005 2017 2017A Baczko Probing the Jet-Collimation Region in NGC1052 with high-fidelity mm-VLBI imaging
16B-312 MB007 2017 2017A Brinkerink Imaging the Global Magnetic-Field Structure Near SgrA*: 3mm VLBI with GMVA+ALMA
16B-324 MA008 2017 2017A Akiyama Probing the active collimation region of the relativistic jet in 3C273
16B-346 MA009 2017 2017A Asada Ultra-deep imaging of the BH jet base and accretion flow of M87 from 100 to 7 Rs
17B-297 MM012 2017 2017B Marscher Imaging of the Gamma-Ray Emitting Regions of Blazar Jets
17B-299 MV001A 2017 2017B Vendantham Search for an intermediate-mass gravitational lens towards PKS1413+135