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EVN observed proposals for the 40m telescope in 2018

Year stands for the year when the proposal was observed. Session stands for the observing session. Proposals at the first session were submitted in the last call for proposals of the previous year.

Proposal ID Proposal Code Year Session PI Title
EV-2018-001 GG083C-J 2018 2018A Gomez Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields
EV-2018-002 GK052 2018 2018A Kim Ultra-Deep Polarization Imaging of the Twin-Jet Structure in M87
EV-2018-003 S085AB 2018 2018A Sarniak Probing environment of protostars I. Second epoch observation of 6.7 GHz masers
EV-2018-004 EM117MN 2018 2018A Moscadelli A 3-D view of high-mass star formation: gas kinematics and magnetic fields
EV-2018-005 ES089 2018 2018A Sarniak Probing the gas kinematic and velocity gradients at milliarcsecond
EV-2018-006 EK038AB 2018 2018A Koay Inclination dependences of optical-uv broad emission line profiles in quasars
EV-2018-007 EM131C 2018 2018A Marcote Unveiling the existence of wind collision regions on massive binary stars
EV-2018-008 EP106C 2018 2018A Perez-Torres Mrk1018: Ignition of accretion onto a companion supermassive black hole?
EV-2018-009 GS042 2018 2018A Savolainen The nuclear structure in M87 with RadioAstron
EV-2018-010 ET038A-H 2018 2018A Tarchi H2O megamaser VLBA: a powerful tool to study ejection and accretion in Seyferts
EV-2018-011 GG084B 2018 2018B Ghirlanda Do binary neutron star mergers always produce a jet?
EV-2018-012 EP112 2018 2018B Petrov Probing ams-level optical structure with VLBI observations of Gaia detected AGNs
EV-2018-013 EC064 2018 2018B Cimo In-beam phase referencing observations of two Mars orbiters
EV-2018-014 ET036AB 2018 2018B Titov Cosmological imprint in the VLBI astrometry data
EV-2018-015 GB080 2018 2018B Bietenholz SN1986J central component
EV-2018-016 EZ028ABC 2018 2018B An/Zhao The magnetic fields of jets at early stages of the universe
EV-2018-017 EA059AB 2018 2018B An A sub-pc-separation SMBH binary in a spiral galaxy NGC 7674?
EV-2018-018 ES084BC 2018 2018B Surcis H2O gigamaser TXS2226-184
EV-2018-019 EM132B 2018 2018B Marcote Unveiling the origin of the radio emission in the gamma-ray binary LS I +61 303
EV-2018-020 EC065 2018 2018B Charlot Improved positions of non-geodetic EVN telescopes from 22 GHz VLBI
EV-2018-021 EG102E 2018 2018E Gabanyi Towards solving the puzzle of high-z radio sources: extending the VLBI sample
EV-2018-022 RG009D 2018 2018D Ghirlanda Unveiling the structure of the outflow of GW170817
EV-2018-023 RSG10 2018 2018D Garrett Request for short observations of potential calibrators in the field centred on KIC 9832227, a candidate precursor for an imminent red nova
EV-2018-024 RY006 2018 2018D Yang Searching for compact knows in the gammaray elected nova V392 Per
EV-2018-025 EB065 2018 2018C Bach Zooming into the jet launching region of he radio Galaxy Cen A
EV-2018-026 EA062AB 2018 2018E Atri A parallax measurement for the black hole XRB MAXI J1820+070
EV-2018-027 RP030DE 2018 2018C Perez-Torres Probing the expansion of the very nearby GRB 171205A with the EVN
EV-2018-028 EC066AB 2018 2018C Caccianiga A VLBI survey of high redshift blazers
EV-2018-029 EB069 2018 2018C Biggs Determining H0 from the new time-delay lens B1030+074
EV-2018-030 RY007BC 2018 2018D Mohan/Yang Accurate determination of the size of the GRB afterglow in AT2018cow
EV-2018-031 EM133AB 2018 2018C Marcote Mrk 622: a curious example of a binary AGN
EV-2018-032 EG104AB 2018 2018C Guirado Uncovering the radio emission of the substellar triple system VHS 1256-1257
EV-2018-033 ES090ABC 2018 2018C Schulz The origin of jets in the young radio galaxy 4C 52.37
EV-2018-034 EP113AB 2018 2018C Panessa The variable VLBI core of NGC 4151
EV-2018-035 EB066AB 2018 2018C Bietenholz SN 2014C: evidence for anisotropic mass-loss?
EV-2018-036 EB064CD 2018 2018C Bach Does Cygnus A harbor a binary black hole?
EV-2018-037 RSY07 2018 2018D Yang Short-EVN observation of a change-accretion Seyfert galaxy: 1ES 1927+654
EV-2018-038 GA042 2018 2018C Alakoz Visibility tracking of hyper-compact H2O mart spots