A Spanish Scientific and Technical Infrastructure

Single-dish approved proposals for the 40m telescope (2019)

Project Period (*) Time (h) Title PI(s)
19D001 2019 D 6 VLBI observations of ongoing burst in 6.7GHz methanol maser source G358.931−0.030 (ToO proposal) Gawroski, M.
19A001 2019 A 11 Magnetic fields in jets on scales of 1000 gravitational radii (II) Poetzl, F.
19A002 2019 A 44 The Sgr B2 envelope: chemical inventory and molecular excitation conditions Tercero, B.
19A003 2019 A 42 Yebes line surveys of the dense cores B1-b and TMC-1 (III) Marcelino, N.
19A004 2019 A 336 Monitoring of SiO and water masers in evolved stars (III) Gómez-Garrido, M.
19A005 2019 A 60 Limits to chemical complexity in UV-illuminated regions (III) Cuadrado, S.
19A006 2019 A 10 Yebes and KVN SFPR astrometric monitoring of 3C 66A (II) Kim, J.-U.
19A007 2019 A 10 Probing the vicinity of SMBHs with high-precision astrometry Zhao, G.-Y.
19A008 2019 A 67 7mm Line Observations of EGOs Identified from WISE Continuum Survey Zhou, C.
19A009 2019 A 294 Gas phase elemental abundances in molecular clouds (GEMS) (III) Fuente, A.
19A010 2019 A 700 NANOCOSMOS evolved stars survey: Gas-phase precursors of dust Pardo, J. R.

(*) Period:
A: First semestre (1st Feb 2019 - 31st Jul 2019).
B: Second semestre (1st Aug 2019 - 31st Jan 2020).
D: Director's Discretionary Time (1st Feb 2019 - 31st Jan 2020).