A Spanish Scientific and Technical Infrastructure

Single-dish approved proposals for the 40m telescope (2022)

Proposal ID Year Session PI Title
22A002 2022 22A Jongho Park Probing the Jet Base of M87 in the Time Domain
22A005 2022 22A Miguel Gómez Garrido Monitoring of SiO masers in evolved stars (Continuation)
22A007 2022 22A Jose Cernicharo A high sensitivity map at different spatial scales of the molecular emission in TMC-1
22A008 2022 22A Kotomi Taniguchi A Carbon-Chain Survey toward Intermediate-Mass Young Stellar Objects
22A010 2022 22A Liu Xunchuan Yebes survey of complex organic molecules in Orion cold cores
22A011 2022 22A Domingo Anibal Garcia Hernandez Searching fullerene-related species towards IC 418
22A012 2022 22A Javier R. Goicoechea Physical conditions of the expanding bubbles around Orion's massive stars: Quantifying stellar feedback processes.
22A013 2022 22A Luis Velilla-Prieto CHIPS (Chemistry in Outflows of Post-AGB Stars): The ARIES Survey I
22A018 2022 22A Charlotte VASTEL Cold does not mean poor in organics: a chemical survey of galactic cold cores
22A019 2022 22A Sara Cuadrado Limits to chemical complexity in UV-illuminated regions IV
22A020 2022 22A Xie Probing infall and shocks in Nearby IRDCs
22A021 2022 22A Aletha de Witt Improving the K-band Celestial Reference Frame
22A022 2022 22A Samantha Scibelli COM Survey of 'Typical' Starless Cores in the Taurus, Perseus and Aquila Molecular Clouds
22A024 2022 22A Shu Liu A molecular cloud almost without turbulence?
22A025 2022 22A Jose Cernicharo The search for chemical complexity in a prestellar cold core: a line survey of TMC-1 in the W band
22A028 2022 22A Gisela Esplugues Unveiling the chemical complexity in hot corinos: the case of B1-a
22A029 2022 22A Gisela Esplugues Disentangling glycine presence and formation through its precursors in G10.47+0.03

(*) Period:
A: First semestre (1st Feb 2019 - 31st Jul 2019).
B: Second semestre (1st Aug 2019 - 31st Jan 2020).
D: Director's Discretionary Time (1st Feb 2019 - 31st Jan 2020).