A Spanish Scientific and Technical Infrastructure

Single-dish approved proposals for the 40m telescope (2021)

Proposal ID Year Session PI Title
21A004 2021 21A Prasanta Gorai A high-sensitivity line survey towards the massive protostar G28.20-0.05
21A006 2021 21A Marcelino Agundez Yebes-40m search for negative anions in dense clouds
21A007 2021 21A Simone Bianchi Searching for Anomalous Microwave Emission in nearby galaxies
21A008 2021 21A Giuliana Cosentino Star Formation: The role of supernova remnants and their interactions with molecular clouds
21A010 2021 21A Nuria Marcelino Yebes 40m line surveys: oxygen-rich sources B1-b and L183
21A011 2021 21A Jose Cernicharo An extremely sensitive line survey of TMC-1: looking for complex molecular species
21A012 2021 21A Marina Rodríguez Baras Survey of hot corinos with the 40m telescope (II)
21A013 2021 21A Miguel Santander-García A 3 and 7mm pilot survey of extended planetary nebulae
21A014 2021 21A Francisco Colomer Deep into the chemistry of the RNA-world in the interstellar medium
21A015 2021 21A Belén Tercero Sensitive Yebes 40m line surveys of the prototypical high-mass star-forming regions Orion KL and Sgr B2
21A016 2021 21A Izaskun Jiménez Exploring the nature of the N3 point source in the Galactic Center
21A017 2021 21A Francisco Colomer A Search for Shocked Gas Emission Towards the Extended Molecular Ring in the Galactic Centre
21A018 2021 21A David Navarro Core evolution in the intermediate-mass star-forming region NGC 1333
21A019 2021 21A Juan Ramón Pardo Carrión IRC+10216 ultra-deep integration at 7mm to search for new heavy molecular species
21A020 2021 21A Francisco Colomer The nitrogen reservoir in protoplanetary disks (II): NH3 survey in Taurus young stellar objects
21A023 2021 21A Juan Ramón Pardo Carrión Search for anions in CRL 2688
21A024 2021 21A Francisco Colomer 7 mm spectral survey of a prototypical Class I system.
21D003 2021 21D Javier R. Goicoechea Detection of heavy element recombination lines
21D004 2021 21D Francisco Colomer Testing the FSw-OTF observing mode with Yebes-40m radiotelescope
21D005 2021 21D Jose Cernicharo QUIJOTE: Q-band Ultrasensitive Inspection Journey to the Obscure TMC-1 Enviroment: Discovering the limits of chemical complexity
21D006 2021 21D Gisela Esplugues Disentangling glycine presence and formation through its precursors in G10.47+0.03
21D007 2021 21D Francisco Colomer Remote sense of the solar wind within 10 Rs by VLBI observation of the Mars spacecraft during the solar conjunction
21D009 2021 21D Roberto Ricci Intercontinental optical clock comparison using geodetic VLBI technique in K-band

(*) Period:
A: First semestre (1st Feb 2019 - 31st Jul 2019).
B: Second semestre (1st Aug 2019 - 31st Jan 2020).
D: Director's Discretionary Time (1st Feb 2019 - 31st Jan 2020).