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GMVA approved proposals for the 40m telescope (2021)

Year stands for the year when the proposal was submitted. Session stands for the observing session. Proposals are usually observed 9 months after submission and they may be splitted and observed in several sessions.

Proposal ID Proposal Code Year Session PI Title
21A-209 MP002 2021 2021B, 2022A Paraschos Where is the black hole in 3C84 located?
21A-233 MB016 2021 2021B, 2022A Baczko Resolving the twin-jet base in NGC 1052
21A-336 MB018 2021 2021B, 2022A Boccardi Bulk acceleration and jet internal structure in NGC315
21B-078 MP003 2021 2022A Park Is shear acceleration at work in the jets of NGC 315?
21B-162 MG009 2021 2022A Gomez Imaging massive binary black hole candidate OJ287 with the GMVA+ALMA
21B-164 MT002 2021 2021B, 2022A Traianou Moving and stationary shocks interaction after a gamma-ray flare in TXS2013+370
21B-281 MT004 2021 2021B Tetarenko Probing Relativistic Jets through mm-VLBI of X-ray Binaries
22A-410 MK021 2021 2022A Koyama Resolving the jet collimation region in TeV blazar Mrk 501