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EVN approved proposals for the 40m telescope (2017)

Year stands for the year when the proposal was submitted. Session stands for the observing session. Both dates usually differ usually happen in the same year.

Proposal ID Proposal Code Year Session PI Title
EV-2017-001 EG091B 2017 2017E Ghirlanda Modelling the emission of the brightest Swift GRBs from the radio to the X-ray
EV-2017-002 EG096A-D 2017 2017E Gawronski AR Ursae Majoris - a second identified persistent radio polar
EV-2017-003 EL058A-D 2017 2017E Lobanov Periodic activity in pulsating white dwarf binary AR Scorpii
EV-2017-004 EP103B-E 2017 2017B Hessels Proper motion and variability of FRB121102
EV-2017-005 EL056 2017 2017B Landoni SDSS0040-0915: z~5 BL Lacertae, a blue FSRQ, or a weak emission line QSO?
EV-2017-006 GG081C-J 2017 2017E Gómez Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields
EV-2017-007 EC057B 2017 2017B Cutini Morphological changes after a bright optical-gamma-ray flare in S5 1803+784
EV-2017-008 EB060A-C 2017 2017B Bach A second active nucleus in Cyg A?
EV-2017-009 GK050 2017 2017B Koyama Probing the inner jet collimation profile of Mrk 501 with global VLBI at 43 GHz
EV-2017-010 EP101A-H 2017 2017B Pihlstrom Candidate VLBI Q-band calibrators
EV-2017-011 GA032D 2017 2017B Agudo 43 GHz precision astrometry of the jet in NRAO 150
EV-2017-012 GR039 2017 2017B Ros A milli-arcsecond gravitational lens in S5 B0615+820
EV-2017-014 RE004AB 2017 2017B Egron Jets of microquasar Cyg X-3 during exceptional flaring
EV-2017-015 ES081BC 2017 2017E Saika Spin dependence of jet power in supermassive black holes
EV-2017-016 RSG08 2017 2017B Gabanyi Candidate gamma-ray blazar J331+2932
EV-2017-017 ET033A 2017 2017B Tudose XRB transients
EV-2017-018 RM010 2017 2017B Miller-Jones Astrometric observations of the high Galactic latitude black hole X-ray binary Swift J1357.2−0933
EV-2017-019 EG073C 2017 2017B Goddi How do O-type forming stars accrete their mass?
EV-2017-020 GV022 2017 2017B Varenius Continued monitoring of compact SNe/SNRs/AGNs in the starburst galaxy Arp220
EV-2017-022 EJ019A-C 2017 2017B Janson Closing the orbits on four young, low-mass benchmark binaries
EV-2017-023 EM129 2017 2017B Marcote Exploring the puzzling origin of the radio nebula G70.7+1.2
EV-2017-024 EG098B 2017 2017B Gabanyi G8+1 in the sky
EV-2017-025 EP104 2017 2017B Perger Is there a blazar hiding in the core of the radio galaxy 3C411?
EV-2017-026 ED042 2017 2017B Davelaar Core position angle measurements of M81
EV-2017-027 RM012AB 2017 2017B Ma VLBI observation of turbulence in inner solar wind
EV-2017-028 RP029AB 2017 2017E Paragi An electromagnetic counterpart to the gravitational-wave event G298048
EV-2017-029 RM013 2017 2017B Marcote Localizing the bursts of FRB 121102 during an active period
EV-2017-030 RP018 2017 2017B Pérez-Torres ToO EVN observations of the nuclear transient in IRAS 23436+5257
EV-2017-031 RB004 2017 2017B Burns Double maser super-burst
EV-2017-032 GG083 2017 2017B Gomez Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields
EV-2017-033 EP105AB 2017 2017B Paragi Following-up electromagnetic counterparts to candidate gravitational wave events
EV-2017-034 GV023 2017 2017C Varenius Global 3.6cm VLBI observations of SNe/SNRs/AGNs in the starburst galaxy Arp 220
EV-2017-035 ES087W 2017 2017C Shu Ecliptic plane calibrators for nanoradian absolute astrometry
EV-2017-036 EG099 2017 2017C Guirado Kinematics and radio emission of the multiple stellar system HD160934
EV-2017-037 EC062AB 2017 2017C Caccianiga A VLBI survey of high redshift blazar candidates
EV-2017-038 EC061AB 2017 2017C Cau Looking for radio counterparts of two newly-discovered radio-weak BL Lacs
EV-2017-039 ES084A 2017 2017C Surcis H2O gigamaser TXS2226-184
EV-2017-040 RSY06 2017 2017E Yang Short e-EVN observations of an X-shaped dual-AGN candidate J0725+5835
EV-2017-041 RSM01 2017 2017B Marecki Short Observation e-EVN proposal - CSS J084408+462744
EV-2017-042 RP027 2017 2017E Paragi